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Inspired by our beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback Sierra, who traveled several thousands of miles with our family on countless adventures.  From the sandy beaches of California, to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, there was no trip too long or too short for Sierra.  Our store, C'Mere Dog, is my families way of keeping Sierra's spirit alive, and to provide a platform that will allow us to help less fortunate pets find loving families, and to build long lasting relationships with other dog lovers.  

You know that short period of time between the moment you pick up your new puppy, and the moment you name it?  You say, "C'Mere Puppy", "C'Mere boy", "C'Mere" Girl".  That's where the name of the store comes from.  For 11 years, Sierra knew we were headed on a new adventure whenever we said "C'Mere Sierra, Get In The Truck".

We are the Pierro Family; Richard, Lina, Vanessa, Elizabeth and Rio and we look forward to finding new ways to inspire and motivate you into taking that next new adventure with your dog.

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SIerra, Our Awesome Dog at C'Mere Dog Store | Awesome Gear For Awesome Dogs

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